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Booking and lease term of apartments

General information on our work

Lviv is a large center of the Western Ukraine, with the population of 870 thousand people.
Having called in our company over phones given on the website you will be able to order through employees of the company the apartment in the center of Lviv! 
We offer Interesting excursions across Lviv and castles of Lviv area to tourists of our city.

How to book an apartment from the website!
Select an apartment which suits you, and press the button Booking request. Fill out the form of the order and press Submit. Your request will be processed by our manager within 24 hours.
You can call back on any specified phone on the website and make a booking by phone.
The apartments offered to you on the website are apartments which match the description, photos and layout.

Conditions of booking of apartments in Lviv
Any apartment chosen by you or the excursion offered on our website can be reserved for a certain date at rent term from 2 and more days.
At the term of rent of the apartment on one day, we offer option of free apartments in day of settling.
From April to September and also during holidays in Lviv there is a great demand on rent of apartments therefore, please book apartments at least in 1 week prior to your arrival.
The advance payment is obligatory for the guaranteed settlement on the apartment chosen by you.

Accommodation in the apartment 
Order of the settlement and resettlement

    control time of the settlement to the apartment in Lviv is 12:00;
    control time of resettlement from the apartment is 12:00;
    when the client comes to settle at 12:00, and the previous client settles out at 12:00, in this case the following rule comes into force: resettlement from the apartment must be at 11-00, and the following settlement to the apartment 12:30 (the allowed 1,5 hours on cleaning of the apartment).
We works by the same rules, as hotels in Lviv.

Rules of accommodation with animals
Accommodation with animals in the apartments provided on the website is strictly forbidden.
If you plan to bring with yourself an animal, you have to warn about it in advance when booking the apartment.
Without preliminary permission at the settlement with an animal, it can be refused in settling without return of prepayment.

 Order settling to the apartment:
On arrival in Lviv, you call us over phones specified in contacts, and we tell you the apartment address where our manager expects you.

How to make payment for apartments in Lviv

At settlement of the apartment in Lviv you sign the contract on daily rent, you pay the full term of your accommodation according to invoice, you receive 
information leaf with the address and phone of the rented apartment and a key.
In day of your departure, our manager will come to the apartment to take away a key and to check serviceability of the equipment and furniture.

You have to tell precisely our manager time of your departure.

What is included in apartment cost
Cost of the apartment: kitchen accessories, towels, electricity, hot and cold water, Internet.

Terms of rent of the apartment

Apartments can be rented from 2 to 30 days. Their price is as daily cost.

Cost of the apartment includes: bed and kitchen accessories, towels, electricity, hot and cold water, services of the Internet.

Daily apartments in Lviv can be booked from our website by filling out the application form, or by calling to us by any phone specified on the website.

Cancellation of apartment booking in Lviv

In case of not arrival or cancellation of your booking by phone, a prepayment will not be returned.In case of change of date of your arrival the advance payment will not be returned. In such case the previous reservation is cancelled, and the apartment is reserved for new dates.If you leave before the reserved term, the paid amount will not be returned.

Resettlement from the apartment 
We stipulate departure of the client from the apartment in advance.
There is an information leaf for the tourist in the apartment where phones of managers on duty and also phone numbers of non-expensive taxi services of Lviv are specified.
The main condition at completion of stay of the tourist at the apartment, is presence of our manager while you leave the apartment.
Our employee checks a condition of the apartment, takes key from the client and if necessary issues supporting documents on accommodation.

Our guarantees

We work in Lviv market from daily rent of apartments since 2004. All photos of apartments and their description on our website are completely true.At emergence unforeseen circumstances (there is no lighting in the house, breakage of a boiler of heating, malfunction of the pump of water supply, the broken glass in the apartment, etc.) we will offer for you other apartment in Lviv, mostly with no difference from that which you reserved firstly.It is very important for us that the client was satisfied with company services!

Safety of accommodation in the apartment 
We always thinks of safety of accommodation of clients.
Our company suggests to rent apartment, only in the central part of Lviv.
The central part of Lviv is a perfectly protected historical and architectural part of the city, offices of the large companies and the state organizations, shopping centers and shops are generally concentrated here.
Staff of our company, has undergone strict selection and continuous instructing regarding safety of accommodation of the tourist is carried out with them.
Interaction with law enforcement agencies of Lviv, the instruction of behavior of the tourist in case of a force-majeur situation guarantee safety of accommodation in our apartments.